I suppose this is the time for me to explain what I'm doing. So first of all, you don't know my name, you don't know who I am, but if you are here and reading me, we may have something in common. Maybe the fact that we are both women ?

The first things I want to answer about are :" Why did I choose to create this blog ?"  and "Why this topic ?" . 

So, it may seems a little weird to write on a blog things and not doing anything about it right ? But I'm not here juste to write, I'm here to see if there are people like me. I want to see people think about my topic, how many women are here to show their support, how many women want to fight for their rights, how many people are interested about it. I want to see people like me and I want to know where they are ? What are they doing ? If  I'm doing this blog, it is to wake some people up and to reunite the others, because in deep, we know what is going on about women on the actual society.

This topic means a lot to me because first of all, I'm a woman. I'm a woman with rights, I'm a free woman, and I'm a fighter. Some people may don't understand why am I complaining about if I'm free and I have rights, let me tell you one thing, I don't fight for nothing, I fight for equality. My life's fight is about equality beetween men and women, but also beetween all the women on the earth. 

The way I think is that in our society, it is a chance to be a free woman with rights, liberty of doing whatever she wants to, beeing completely autonomous. I will even say this is a gift. But don't you think that this is not weird that some women are gifted and others not ? Some women are not free, not respected, not helped. I think if life gives you the chance to be here free and safe, you need to help the others women to go up and may one day have the chance that you have by chance.

I am completely open to any discussions, advices, anything you want to say, please just contact me.